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Hi, I'm Laura and painting has always been the love of my life. I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. I'm inspired by travel, nature, food, and fashion. I went to college and lived in New York for 6 years where I received my BFA degree. But ultimately, Jamaica is my home and I've been back on the island where I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, soaking up the warm sun and working away in my studio.

Prior to painting realistic portraits and scenes, I was once known for my abstract art in Jamaica, for the greater part of my art career. While I still do create semi-abstract pieces today, most of my work is focused on portrait paintings. 

My passion is creating one of a kind paintings that capture loving memories and moments that clients get to share with their friends and family. I absolutely love to receive feedback from clients when they see the final painting and how happy they are with the outcome. I am beyond thankful and grateful for everyone that has supported me along the way and continue to do so. I hope you enjoy my work, share it and encourage others to support art and artists. 



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