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Guest Book Painting

Create a unique memory where guests sign around a custom-painted portrait of the Bride & Groom, Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom.



  • Oil on Canvas

  • Watercolor on 100% cotton paper

  • Matting

  • Framing

Please specify if you'll need to pack this up to travel with and I'll provide you with easy solutions.

What you'll need if you plan to do this:

A picture of each person in their wedding attire. When you go to your fittings, please try to have someone take a picture of you in your dress/suit. Try to avoid selfies. Please ensure your arms are relaxed at your sides and you're standing up tall. Ensure to get a full-length picture that doesn't crop out your shoes/feet. Ensure to get the full length of your wedding dress. 

Cost will vary based on the size painting and details involved. 

To inquire about costs please email

guest book demo.jpg
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