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Custom Watercolor Paintings

You can custom order a watercolor painting to be made from the photo of your choice. Frame them as artwork for your home and office, or use it as the cover art for your invites and thank you cards. The paintings can be scanned for a digital file to be made. The options are endless.


Medium: Watercolor paint on 100% cotton watercolor paper. Sizes can vary based on your preference. The guest favors are painted on 4"x6" cards. 

5"x7" Watercolor foldable cards and envelopes are also available to customize.

To inquire costs please send a direct message on insta @laurafungart or email

Artwork. Invitations. Thank You Cards.


Guest Book Painting

Create a unique memory where guests sign around a custom-painted portrait of the Bride & Groom, Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom.

To inquire costs please email

guest book demo.jpg
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